Hollow dildos are a great option for those of us that have ED problems, with them we can still perform sexually so we can satisfy our mate, thus making us feel better about ourselves.

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Fake Penis

  A fake penis will allow a man with ED to continue to satisfy his wife without enduring a surgical implant. There are several styles, types and sizes available, take your time and find the one that you believe would best suit you. There are hollow dildos that can simply be slipped on your penis allows you to perform like you use to, some have a strap on harness while others don't require straps. A strap on penis is another possibility, it's basically a traditional dildo and your penis hangs below through an opening. I always stress that you get a good quality product, one less than twenty-five dollars is likely to disappoint you.
For women without a sexual partner a traditional dildo will provide  satisfaction and keep your vagina active and healthy. There are many sizes from very small to ridiculously large, the material it's made from is equally important, I suggest you get one that's flexible and somewhat soft to the touch. One made from PVC (a soft flexible rubber), silicone, or any of  the new lifelike materials. Use an ample amount of water base lubricant and you'll find intense pleasure in using a fake penis. Many of our products have an informational video that will help you make a decision on which product will best suit your need.


Purple Delight Hollow Strap-onPurple Delight Hollow Strap-on
Strap on this fake penis with a leather-like harness that has an elastic waistband that fits up to a 44 inch waist. It has a 6.5 inch hollow dildo with balls and  measures 1.5 inches wide. The inner length is 3.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide inside.
European Cock NaturalEuropean Cock Natural
Size does matter to most and this fake penis will provide intense orgasmic pleasure. It has a natural feel and measures 8" long, 5.5 insertable and 1.7" thick. It's made from a modern day material with a soft flexible shaft with a realistic feel.
7 inch Hollow Fake Penis9 inch Hollow Fake Penis Extender
This strap-on extension harness has a soft outer sleeve that can be used with or without an erection. The overall length is 9 inches and measures up to 2 inches in width. When we fail to get an erection, a product like this can help us please our mate. 
Real Man CyberSkinReal Man CyberSkin
This lifelike dildo has a realistic look and feel and will provide countless hours of sexual pleasure. It measures 8" long, 6.75 insertable and 2" wide. It's a superb fake penis that will make you happy. Just add a dab of water base lube and enjoy.
elite 6 7" Hollow Strap-On
This quality fake penis is made from 100% medical grade silicone, it's hygienic  and sculpted to excite. Silicone quickly warms to body temperature and conforms to the body's contours, giving users the most realistic stimulation ever imagined.  The width is 2 inches and  length is 7 inches. Add water base lubricant for best results.
Tyler Knight's Futurotic CockThe Realistic Dong UR3
This extraordinary fake cock measures 9 inches long, 7.6 insertable and 1.9 inches thick. For solo use the suction cup base sticks to any smooth surface that allows your hands to tend to other matters. Use water base lube to maximize your pleasure. Make the effort to improve your sexual pleasures, order one of this self-pleasure toys today.
vibrating 10 Vibrating 10" Hollow Strap-On
When you only want to give the very best, this big boy will do. It's made from 100% medical-grade silicone and is the safest sex toy material on the market. For men with ED, erectile dysfunction, the hollow strap-on allows you both to enjoy the passion of face-to-face sex without the embarrassing midway letdowns. It measures 10 inches overall, 6 insertable and 2 inches thick.
Tantus Adam O2Tantus Adam O2
This is a high quality silicone fake penis that measures 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. He's fleshy, weighty, lengthy, and veiny and is an excellent orgasmic product. He has a soft outside and a hard muscle core both made of Tantus own unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. It's one of the easiest materials to clean and it's the only rubber that can be sanitized. 
vibrating hollow strap onVibrating Hollow Strap On
This orgasmic fake penis is made from 100% medical-grade silicone that warms quickly to body temperature. It's very soft and flexible to provide a sensuous feel, she's almost certainly going to experience multiple explosive orgasms each time it's used. It measures 7.4 inches overall, 7 insertable and 1.7 inches wide.
FIVE MediumMistress Purple Shimmer Dildo
This is an excellent dildo for women that don't enjoy a thick erect penis. This only measures 1.3" wide and the overall length is 6". It has a smooth shaft and slides in and out of the vagina without friction. It also works well for those who enjoy anal sex.

Strapless Penis Extension 7 inchStrapless Penis Extension
This one is designed for use with or without an erection, slip it over your penis with a dab of lube and the vacuum will keep it on. It measures 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.

X5 Hard On Realistic FeelX5 Hard On Realistic Feel
This fake penis is designed to look and feel just like a real erect cock. He's made from a new material that has a realistic touch and upon insertion you'll feel an incredible orgasmic sensation. He measures 8.75 inches (6.5 insertable) and 1.86 inches thick.


Strapless Dildos for our ladies